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KL04A-II Bench top Low-Speed Centrifuge
KL04A-II Bench top Low-Speed Centrifuge

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AC 220V 50Hz 10A







Advanced Control System, Excellent separation

10 kinds of Accel/Decel modes, self-defining centrifugal parameters, to achieve the best centrifugal result.

Short running function, convenient for diversified centrifugation.

Proprietary SCT speed control technical to achieve precise centrifugation

Proprietary SBT soft brake control technique reduces resuspension and convenient for sampling, ensuring maximum specimen.

Unique air flow-guided air-cooling design, small temperature rise, maintain sample activity.

Timing control, the centrifugal time can be free to choose minutes or seconds, to achieve optimal centrifugation

High Safety, Ease of use

With rotor number fixed speed function, effectively prevent overspeed running

With safety device of Over speed, door lid open, imbalance protection etc, with sound and light alarm, to ensure human and instrument security.

Steel body, Stainless steel chamber, Steel Protective sleeve, to prevent accidents.

Metal swing rotor that can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure to prevent biological contamination.

The machine is small in size and can be placed in a biological safety cabinet for operation, effectively preventing the spread of aerosols and ensuring the safety of operators.

Intuitive Interface, Good User Experience

LCD color touch screen, program group, Accel/Decel, RPM/ RCF, time etc parameters can be set without key combination, easy to operate.

Microprocessor control, operated data can be saved automatically, can start the instrument with RCF directly, 40 self-defining programs can be stored and recalled, reduce duplication of operation.

Three-stage damping, low vibration and low noise. 

Good parts, Reliable and long-lasting

Brushless frequency converter motor, super speed bearing imported from Europe, high quality.

Aerospace rubber for damping, super duralumin alloy from Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO), extend the service life of the machine.

Rotor Type Rotor No. Capacity Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF (×g) Dimension of tube (mm)
Swing Rotor 38 6×15/50ml 5000 3550 Φ16×118/Φ28×114
81-1 8×50/100ml 4000 2960 Φ28×114/Φ38×124
81-2 32×10/15ml 4000 2960 Φ16×102-118
81-3 24×10/15ml 4000 2930 Φ16×102-118
Microplate rotor 43 2×2×96wells 4000 2540 PCR/Micro plate
Angle Rotor 37 12×10/15ml 5000 3550 Φ16×102-118
38 6×50ml 5000 3550 Φ28×114

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