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KH23A Desktop Universal High Speed Medical and Laboratory Centrifuge
KH23A Desktop Universal High Speed Medical and Laboratory Centrifuge



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AC 220V 50Hz 18A







1. Advanced Control System, Excellent separation

1) Ten kinds of Accel/Decel modes can be selected or directly set up the time of Accel/Decel; User can set up the operate parameter by themselves, to achieve the best centrifugal result.

2) Short running function, convenient for diversified centrifugation.

3) Proprietary SCT speed control technical, high efficiency.

4) Proprietary SBT soft brake control technical, to avoid mix up and ensure get maximum specimen.

2. High Safety, Ease of use

1) Automatic rotor identification system, no need to select rotor number.

2) over speed, door and unbalanced protection.

3) Steel body, Stainless steel chamber, Steel Protective sleeve.

4) Can take the rotor with aerosol-tight lid for use with hazardous samples.

3. Friendly Display, Humanity Operate

1) LCD, LED multiple-screen display, the Program, Accel/Decel modes, RPM/RCF, Time, Temperature are all easy to set up without any key combination.

2) Microprocessor control, operated data can be saved automatically, can start the instrument with RCF directly, can be store and use 40 kinds of self-defining operating modes directly by user-self.

4. Good parts, Reliable and long-lasting

1) Brushless converter motor which has high torque, "SKF" supper speed bearing.

2) Aerospace rubber for damping, super duralumin alloy from Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO).

5. Universal, multifunctional.

Not only take Angle rotor for High Speed, but also can be compatible with swing rotor for Big capacity & Low Speed, widely used in several kinds of research and produce.

Rotor Type Number Capacity Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF(×g) Dimension of tube
Angle Rotor No.6-1 12×1.5ml 20500 29600×g Φ10×42
No.6-2 18×0.5ml 20500 29600×g Φ8×32
No.9 24×1.5 /2.0ml 16000 25470×g Φ10×42
No.12 10×5ml 16000 18600×g Φ14×54
No.16 12×10ml 15000 22640×g Φ16×81
No.22-1 6×50ml 13000 19080×g Φ28×105
No.31 4×100ml 10000 12290×g Φ38×124
No.52-1 8×15ml 12000 16740×g Φ16×115
No.56-1 48×1.5/2.0ml 13000 14740×g Φ10×42
No.56-2 4×8×0.2ml 13000 14740×g 8-Tube Strips
Microplate Rotor No.43 2×2×96 4000 2540×g Micro plate
Swing Rotor No.63 4×50/100ml 5000 4660×g Φ38×124
No.69-1 4×500ml 4000 3150×g Φ80×140
No.69-2 72×5/7ml 4000 3150×g Blood Collection Tube
No.69-3 96×5/7ml 4000 3150×g
No.70-1 4×250ml 4000 2930×g Φ64×113
No.70-2 48×5/7ml 4000 2930×g Blood Collection Tube
No.81-1 8×50/100ml 4000 2960×g Φ28×124
No.81-2 32×10/15ml 4000 2960×g Φ16×85-118
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